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Keep calm and BYOD

Remote Working Trends in 2018

As new technology is entering the workplace, Bring your own device or “BYOD” is making a huge impact on remote working. In this blog, we look into it and discuss what is driving BYOD.

Rugged Mobile Price increases

Is your Rugged Mobile Device Supplier Increasing Prices?

We love to rant, rave and opinion here at Raptor. Heck, why would you want to read another boring blog about ruggedness!! So I just wanted to say this. It’s January, the USD rate is

Larry BYOD bag

Did You Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)?

We’ve been hearing a lot about this new trend of Bringing Your Own Device, or BYOD, recently. But what is BYOD and what are the implications for your business? In this blog, we cover the basics of this new trend and introduce a few pros and cons of using BYOD for business.

IP68 consumer phones

Why IP68 Consumer Smartphones Aren’t Really Rugged

Consumer smartphone brands are now rating their waterproof phones IP68. But is it really the case? This week, Dave explains why IP68 consumer smartphones aren’t really rugged.

Rugged Mobile Predictions Larry

Rugged Mobile Predictions for 2018

Every year we do a rugged mobile predictions blog with what we think it’s going to happen in the rugged and technology market, and here’s the ones for 2018.

Looking back

Rugged and Mobile Predictions for 2017 – A look back!

It’s time to review the rugged and technology markets predictions we made in the beginning of the year and see what did we get right.

Raptor R5 in WInter

Keeping Your Rugged Devices Safe Over Christmas

This year we’re expecting to see some seriously low temperatures as the winter starts to bite and the snow falls across the UK! Over Christmas, your business might not use its rugged mobile devices and

TCO graph

The Real ROI From Rugged Mobile Devices

Every Friday, we like to “poke the bear”, meaning that we take a subject and we try to work out the truth. And this week I think the Ruggedness ROI table needs a fresh look!

Hybrid Costs

Difference Between Rugged, Consumer and Hybrid Devices – Costs

So as we bring this series of blogs about “Hybrid rugged” devices to a close, we’ve learnt that hybrid rugged devices bring the best of both worlds. There has to be a catch somewhere though,

Rugged smartphone battery, Raptor R5

Difference Between Rugged, Consumer and Hybrid? – Batteries

In the last blog, we started to see how a hybrid rugged device really does start to take the best of the consumer and rugged device worlds. We’re also seeing how it truly is possible