What To Do When Your Rugged Phone Locks Up

You’re trying to use your rugged phone, but nothing happens. It looks frozen but you don’t know what to do. This blog post will tell you what steps you should take when you’re faced with this problem, from removing the battery to a hard reset.

It’s a new day, plenty to do so you get your trusty rugged phone out to check your schedule and swipe to unlock it, but nothing, it looks on… try shaking it…nothing still!  Oh no, it’s frozen!!

We all take our beloved mobile devices for granted these days, but we sometimes forget that they’re actually very complex computing machines that can sometimes go wrong. All is not lost. Here are our top tips to get you going again if your phone or tablet locks up.

Remove the battery

If you can remove the battery like in our Raptor R5 device then do that first. Simply take it out, remove it and just let the device stand without the battery in it for about 60 seconds or longer if you can. This just ensures there’s no power and the device often resets itself this way. Put the battery back in, power the device back up in the normal way and you should be good to go.

Taking the battery out of your smartphone

Taking the battery out of your smartphone

How to power the device down if the battery is not removable

If like in our Raptor C5 smartphone, the battery is not removable, then you can do the following to get it powered down. Simply hold the vol up, vol down and power button down, all at the same time and just keep holding them until the device switches off. It should take about 15 seconds of holding the buttons down to work.

If that fails, then just holding the power button down for 15 seconds or so will do the trick.

Using the reset button

Reset buttons are not so common these days, but check your device, especially if it’s an older Windows Mobile one because it may have a recessed or well hidden little reset button that is designed to get your device soft reset quickly.

Check the obvious

Check if the battery has power. If it’s really low, like 5-10%, then it could also be activating energy restrictions on the device or via an app like our battery saver, so give it a quick charge to check for that.

Also, check the little LED lights on the device. If it has some and the little battery icon on the device if it’s on. You should check if the lights go orange or red if charging, indicating the device is actually OK and there may be a fault with the screen instead.

A hard reset when nothing else will work

If the device seems properly frozen or a soft reset won’t work, then only a hard reset will do! You can do this in 2 ways.

Firstly if you can get into the device then use the settings option “back up and reset” to reset the device fully. If you can’t get into the device this way, then you need to reset it via the recovery menu. Here’s how you do this on a Raptor device:

  1. Make sure your device is OFF.
  2. Now press and hold the volume up key and whilst keeping it pressed down, press and hold the power button. After a few seconds, you should see a little Android robot on its back.
  3. Press the power button again and you should reveal a menu.
  4. Use the volume down key to highlight the option “Apply data/factory reset” and then use the volume up key to select it.
  5. You should see the device wipe down and reset itself and after it is done it will go back to the main menu with the “reboot device” option highlighted.
  6. Select this option with the volume up key and the device will reboot as fresh as it was when new.
Android recovery mode on Raptor R5

Android recovery mode on Raptor R5

When you reset a device like this, it will take a little longer to reboot than normal. This is perfectly normal, just hang on to it.

If all else fails

If that doesn’t do the trick then it’s time for support. Get in touch with your supplier who will be able to advise and help.

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