Rugged and Mobile Predictions for 2017 – A look back!

It’s time to review the rugged and technology markets predictions we made in the beginning of the year and see what did we get right.

So right about this time of the year we do a look back at our predictions from the beginning of the year and own up to just how many we missed on!

The original blog is actually over on our old Rugged and Mobile blog right here so you can check it out.

Let’s see what we said and whether we hit or missed the prediction.

Android takes over


Well, a no-brainer really. To be honest we’ve supported Android from the outset in the rugged market, helping develop and work with the very first devices that tried to port Android over. With Microsoft formally pulling out of the mobile OS market this year, I’d say this leaves only one OS in the rugged world and that’s Android.

Embedded gains steam


IoT has taken off and what we’ve seen this year is the end of the IoT proliferation of tatty little gadgets that work when they feel like it and the dawn of the IoT v2 which are serious IoT gadgets that work. There’s a long way to go but embedded definitely gained steam this year and will turbocharge in 2018.

Ecosystems rule


Well, we saw the beginning of the Raptor hub eco-system this year and we have big plans for this next. Let’s be honest here. Rugged hardware is easier than ever to make, it’s not expensive anymore and like in many other markets, as end users come to depend and rely on your mobile devices more and more, you will turn to the eco-system they run under to help you manage, innovate and support them. Consumer eco-systems are all the rage, enterprise rugged ones are in their infancy but we’ll see this develop next year.

Outsourcing frenzy


I worked in the largest IT company in the world 15-20 years ago, so I know all about outsourcing and off-shoring and I think we’re still suffering because of this. 2017 saw a big shift in outsourcing intelligently and where necessary, and we at Raptor saw this first hand. BYOD (bring your own device) saw a marked increase in adoption, and so did services, but businesses were careful to the extent and what they outsourced.

Cloud becomes the norm


In the space of a few years, we have gone from a huge mistrust of cloud services, to actually seeing the risk of storing your own data and services as the big risk. Cloud is a must now or you will simply not keep up. You have to focus on what you do and leave the rest to cloud services. Here at Raptor, we’ve seen massive increases in security whilst decreasing development times by using cloud services instead of our own servers. This trend will go even further in 2018.

4G or not to 4G


We sell 3G and 4G devices and we do this because the rugged market likes the option, however this year we saw more pressure to adopt the latest tech in our hardware than ever before and 4G lead that way. As mobile technology becomes more ubiquitous, so the businesses and end users want it. BYOD and having one “no compromise” device also saw a drive to need the latest technology.

OS war moves house


I think the mobile war is won. Microsoft pulled out, Apple and iOS struggled to gain traction in the Enterprise market and indeed shrunk for the first time in years and that leaves Android! Even Chinese brands succumbed to Android.

However, in the IoT and emerging markets, we’re seeing a huge bloodbath and this is where the war is now.¬† Expect to see this war rage bigger with Android, Microsoft, Intel and Samsung now engaging in it and making the gap between mobile and IoT smaller.

VR catches on


VR has just had its little blip, where everyone was talking about it and now it seems like it’s just taken a back seat. However it’s going nowhere, it might just need 5G, Facebook or someone to just give it the push it deserves. I for one can’t wait for someone to bring VR into the mainstream and I think that might happen in 2018.

Bespoke makes a comeback


Well, we wrote 8 apps this year and got about 10K users all using them. I think we got this wrong, people want bespoke but they might be pulling that back in-house. For those without that resource, they want cheap and off the shelf… there’s probably an app for that!

So that leaves us with a 7.5 out of 10. Not bad for this crazy technology world we live in!

Be sure to catch our blog next year on what we think will be catching on in 2018.

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My background is web/mobile software, mobile hardware, where I worked with some of the earliest PDA's on the market from HP and Microsoft and data capture where i've sold all of the main brands of rugged kit you'll find!

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