Is your Rugged Mobile Device Supplier Increasing Prices?

We love to rant, rave and opinion here at Raptor. Heck, why would you want to read another boring blog about ruggedness!! So I just wanted to say this.

It’s January, the USD rate is better this year than it was last year, and yet many of our competitor rugged brands are putting their prices up by about 10%. Same old, year in year out they do this!

We’re a supplier, direct to market so we understand how things are manufactured, distributed and sold and we don’t understand why people have to be so greedy!

So, we’re not putting prices up this year, certainly based on what we know today. We’re also bringing out a range of cheaper, better devices this quarter all geared up to help smaller businesses and BYOD workers get access to the latest rugged mobile technology. So we wanted to just say that, for us, it’s not about the money here, it’s about making things simple, innovating, doing the right thing and also getting technology into the hands of everyone who needs it.

Rant over!

Posted by "Durable" Dave

My background is web/mobile software, mobile hardware, where I worked with some of the earliest PDA's on the market from HP and Microsoft and data capture where i've sold all of the main brands of rugged kit you'll find!

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