From Rugged to Hybrid, the story continues!

Technology changes so quickly these days, especially in the mobile world, so we decided to change with it! As the MD of Raptor, I wanted to share with you a little bit about why and how we changed too as we now refocus and move what we do into a new and exciting phase.

You may or may not know that we used to be Rugged and Mobile here. In fact, the old blog is still live if you want to head on over to that. We used to be re-sellers of rugged devices, selling all of the usual brands you might know like Motorola, Zebra, Intermec and Pidion. Most of these brands have disappeared now, in a frenzy of buyouts at the top of the market, but it’s not changed all that much. However, the market did change and so we decided to change with it.

Our 3 pillars that we have always been passionate about here have been to:

  • Make things simple,
  • Be innovative,
  • Make technology accessible.

It wouldn’t matter if we sold cupcakes, we’d still want to hold true to these 3 values in everything we did. But for us, working in a reseller channel was making it increasingly difficult to deliver on all 3 of the above values. It’s almost impossible to make things simple for your customers (without ending up in the looney bin) if you can’t innovate.  However, it’s almost impossible to innovate freely on other peoples products in this market. Add to this, we’ve always been keen to push less expensive hardware to our customers and the main reason for that was that we love to bring technology to businesses and people who thought it was out of reach.

When a rugged device costs £1500 then it’s not within the reach of the majority and that just doesn’t sit well with us here.

So we realised that if we wanted to work in a business that held our values then we’d have to change… Raptor was born!

Raptor Website

A new beginning (cue star wars music!)


We sat down and realised that things had to change. We’re a talented bunch of people here who want to make a difference, but how exactly would we do that? Unfortunately, we’re all rugged hardware, Microsoft, Android people here, so I don’t think we’d be very good at making cupcakes! Fortunately, we realised that we’d been bringing unknown brands to the UK market for years as part of our reselling business so we thought “why don’t we just cut out the middlemen?”


If we went directly to China, where we’ve already been busy making lots of relationships, and go find the best hardware we can and then brand it as our own then surely we would have a product. So that’s what we went and did with our very first R4 device. Soon the R5 came, and now we’re expanding our range quickly into rugged tablets and barcode scanners all based on the same philosophy of simple, innovative and accessible to all.

One thing won’t change though. This blog, although we had a little break, we’re now focused on helping and advising once again and we won’t rest until we’re once again the number 1 blog in the rugged market.  I hope to chat, answer questions and work with you all in the near future.


Posted by "Durable" Dave

My background is web/mobile software, mobile hardware, where I worked with some of the earliest PDA's on the market from HP and Microsoft and data capture where i've sold all of the main brands of rugged kit you'll find!

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