Keeping Your Rugged Devices Safe Over Christmas

This year we’re expecting to see some seriously low temperatures as the winter starts to bite and the snow falls across the UK! Over Christmas, your business might not use its rugged mobile devices and if this is the case then leaving your kit on its own along with the cold could bring some potential problems.

Here are our top tips to ensure your rugged devices are ready to go when you return in 2018.

Count them in!

We’ve seen all too many times devices just left on warehouse shelves or in delivery vans and when the business wakes up again in the new year, they’re nowhere to be found! Christmas is the ideal time to do a quick asset management job, so ensure you count all your devices are present and you know where they are!

Keep them charged up

If you’re leaving devices for any length of time, we always recommend giving them a quick charge before you do so. Li-ION batteries really like to be kept charged up and letting them run empty can easily damage them. The cold will amplify the battery status, so if they’re nearly empty they are a lot more susceptible to damage from the cold.¬† Give them a quick charge to at least 50% and they’ll stand a lot better chance of booting up fine when you return.

Beware the cold

The actual temperature is almost always less than what you see on the weather. Cold windy warehouses, vehicle boots and receptions can get seriously cold when unattended and temperatures of -10 or more are starting to reach battery storage limits. If possible, try and keep your devices out of any extreme cold situations. Find a storeroom, or cupboard in a warmed office to keep them safe and sound.

Watch for water

Yes, rugged devices are waterproof, but they’re not waterproof if the battery covers aren’t locked down or the rubber covers are left open. Like-wise batteries, accessories etc can easily corrode if left in cold, damp conditions. What might be a heated warehouse in business hours, can quickly change to a cold, damp corrosive environment over the Christmas break, so make sure you’re not leaving your equipment out.

Keep devices secure

Make sure pin locks are applied, cupboards are locked and devices aren’t left where they might be noticed. Even rugged devices can fetch a burglar profit on eBay, so make sure they’re locked away and the business data on them isn’t open to anyone to view. You may be away, but cleaners or outsourced workers could be still around and doors could be left unlocked. Don’t make it easy for them.

Monitor your devices

Using a simple MDM or security application you could keep a track of all your devices and be alerted if anything odd happens. Nowadays you can easily track, monitor or just have a heartbeat going on your rugged smartphones and this could all be monitored from your own mobile phone.

So there we go. All of the above are things we hear from various customers we meet and it’s always the case that the obvious stuff gets forgotten. If you follow some simple common sense steps then your hardware will be ready to go when you need it in the new year.

Posted by "Durable" Dave

My background is web/mobile software, mobile hardware, where I worked with some of the earliest PDA's on the market from HP and Microsoft and data capture where i've sold all of the main brands of rugged kit you'll find!

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