Happy Christmas from the Raptor hub team!

What a year!

2017 has probably been a challenge for all of us… These are challenging times. For us though, 2017 has been mostly about change and finding our new path.  The change from Rugged and Mobile to Raptor has taken a little longer than we thought it would take, but we’ve finally made it and are now fully transitioned and selling our own brand of rugged mobile devices, software and platforms and services to go with them. We took a little longer than expected because we simply didn’t want to stop supporting any of our customers, no matter what you had bought from us in the past as resellers.

It’s just not how we do things.

2017 for us has, therefore, been a particularly challenging year. Full of hard work, full of change, but above all, we still managed to be profitable and to shake lose all the remaining things that were holding us back and moving ahead as Raptor.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of my team publicly for the hard work, commitment and also sheer damn loyalty they’ve shown to our cause here at Raptor. I also wanted to thank each and every customer we have, both old and new, for continuing to believe in our products and business in turn.  Without either of you, Raptor would be nothing and this is why we’ll always be a customer and employee first company.

2018 for us is going to see a lot of the foundation work put in this year start to come to fruition. We have some fabulous new products coming early in 2018, we have loads of updates and new services going live and we also have lots of exciting new updates and improvements to existing products that we can’t wait to show you.

Remaining true to our 3 core principles, making technology “SIMPLE, ACCESSIBLE and INNOVATIVE” all of these products will be inexpensive, but leading the way in the rugged market.

So here’s wishing you, our customers a very Merry (Rugged) Christmas and a very prosperous new year!

Spread the Love!

Dave, the Raptor team and Larry the robot of course!


Posted by "Durable" Dave

My background is web/mobile software, mobile hardware, where I worked with some of the earliest PDA's on the market from HP and Microsoft and data capture where i've sold all of the main brands of rugged kit you'll find!

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