Difference Between Rugged, Consumer and Hybrid Devices – Technology

So we’ve talked about what it means to be hybrid in the introduction to this series. For those of you that have used rugged mobile devices in the past, you’ll know that they tend to use outdated technology and we can break this down into various sections.


Rugged devices are great tools for business. However, if at a basic hardware level they aren’t cutting the mustard, then they bring a whole host of potential issues.

Firstly, old hardware means that your device is probably going to have an old processor and not much RAM and storage ROM. This means it’ll run slowly or, at best, not be capable of running multiple applications sweetly. So, if your business is innovating new apps that are expected to be added to the device over time, they may start to give you trouble.

Add to this, older protocols of WiFi, 3G, GPS and Bluetooth mean that your device will not be able to connect as quickly, efficiently or as fast to networks that are vital in any app today.

Also, hardware tends to be less effective. So think just how much a 3MP camera, poor GPS or lack of fingerprint reader would bring to your everyday life. Worse still, how about getting the stylus out every time you need to use the small VGA screen!

Operating system

Of course, there’s no point of having great hardware if the operating system is also old. OIder operating systems aren’t necessarily a huge issue if they’re running Android. But like old hardware and old OS, it can bring its own issues.

They can go end of the line, especially in the case of Windows mobile or iOS where there’s a strict supportability rule, dropping OS’s as quick as they get released! Old OS’s can also harbour security flaws. They also don’t utilise the latest in efficiency technologies too, so your battery will run down a lot quicker.

An old OS also has older versions of apps. This can bring challenges to your software teams, as they struggle to innovate on older and more restrictive platforms that aren’t capable of the latest techniques and applications.

Rugged devices tend to be durable and have bigger batteries. However, they also have ageing technology or technology that was never meant to be used on them. Consumer phones, on the other hand, can have the latest and greatest, but they’re simply not durable enough for the worker market.

Hybrid devices, like our very own Raptor C5, bring the best of both worlds.

So next up, we’re going to talk about the next reason hybrid devices are the best of both worlds and introduce the subject of durability!

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My background is web/mobile software, mobile hardware, where I worked with some of the earliest PDA's on the market from HP and Microsoft and data capture where i've sold all of the main brands of rugged kit you'll find!

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