Difference Between Rugged, Consumer and Hybrid Devices – Costs

So as we bring this series of blogs about “Hybrid rugged” devices to a close, we’ve learnt that hybrid rugged devices bring the best of both worlds.

There has to be a catch somewhere though, and maybe it’s to do with the one element we haven’t yet talked about and that’s cost. Surely something that takes the best of both worlds from both rugged and consumer devices would cost more? Well, actually I have something to say about that!

The real cost of consumer phones

The above table is a tried and trusted table we’ve used in the rugged market for years. It basically says if you buy cheap upfront for consumer grade devices, then you’ll pay more for repairs and damaged devices over a few years than rugged devices.

Likewise, if you buy cheap Chinese phones, then the upfront costs are low but the repair costs will be high. It’s a typical trade-off table saying if you invest, you’ll reap that reward.¬† However, it turns out that Hybrid devices aren’t any more expensive than consumer phones but they still offer “rugged” style durability so they also have fewer repairs. In fact, our own in-house studies and stats show they have the same or even fewer issues than we ever had with classic rugged devices when we repaired all those brands here ourselves.

So with hybrid rugged devices like the R5 or C5 we sell here, it seems that you pay about the same as a decent consumer device for them, however, they exhibit the same reliability over the years. We can actually guarantee this as we have our own repair centre here in the UK, and we have statistics we can rely upon 100%.

So how do we do this? – the missing ingredient.

Simple, we’re passionate about what we do. We’re not greedy and we want to make technology accessible to everyone before we want to make ourselves or shareholders rich. We’re able to include the missing ingredient which is passion and love for what we do. The truth is that we could charge a lot more for the devices we sell. But for “hybrid” to catch on, we need to keep the prices down, the reliability up and then, just maybe we’ll change the world!

I hope you enjoyed this series that tries to explain what “hybrid rugged” means and why it’s so important in today’s’ world. If you want to start at the beginning of the article then just click here.

I’ll catch you again next time with some more great rugged articles soon!

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