Cold Weather And Your Rugged Devices – Top Tips From Real Life Customers

Any electronic device, even rugged devices don’t like the cold, to end our series on cold advice for rugged devices, we share some eclectic tips that our customers use.

To end this series of blogs on the cold weather and your rugged devices, I thought I’d go and talk to some of our Raptor customers, just to get some practical tips that we hadn’t thought about. As usual, I received an amazing, innovative, eclectic array of tips and I wanted to share some of them with you right here, more for interest than actual advice but here they are anyway!

Internal pockets

“We keep our rugged devices in internal pockets in the cold months and this definitely helps with battery life. If the device is only being used for about 10% of the time and then not in use for the other 90%, when walking to the next house for example, then we tell our users to make sure their phones are in there internal coat pocket.”

USB hand warmers

“We use scanners in freezers so we have an eternal cold problem. There are very few rugged devices on the market that have dedicated heated holsters but they excruciatingly expensive. So we got a custom holster made with Raptor with a little pocket in the front and back where we put a ¬£10 USB pocket warmer. We never told you about that did we Raptor!? Well, there’s the mystery solved for you!”

Car heaters

“Not sure if this is OK or not, but we put out devices in their cradles and blow hot air from the van heaters on to them! Seems to work for us!”

Capacitive friendly gloves

“We use our rugged PDA’s constantly so our hands can get really cold in the winter. So we bought these gloves that have a little patch on the fingers so the PDA will work with them. Totally amazing, now we have warm hands and working PDA’s”

Flip cases

“We found that for us, using a flip case meant that in the rain or snow we could quickly just flip the screen open and then close it up again as we needed to. The flip cover also cleans the screens of wet so it works well.”

Thermos flask!

“By pure accident maybe, I have to walk a while sometimes so in the cold I just put my rugged device in my bag, next to a flask of tea. Not sure if it works but I don’t notice any reduced battery life in the cold.”

Bigger batteries

“We’re using our scanners constantly so there was no real way of keeping them warm, but we were seeing big drop-offs in the battery life when it got sub-zero. So we invested in a larger battery and now we’re working all day with no problems again. When it warms up we revert to the small battery so we keep both batteries living for longer.”

Do you have a special tip you want to share? Just let us know in the comments below.

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