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We like things simple and we believe we can make even Android and rugged devices simple.

This is where we try to simplify, educate and keep you in the know on anything rugged or mobile. If you’re a lay-person when it comes to your rugged devices, then this is a great place to start on our blog.

Cold weather and your rugged devices

Cold Weather And Your Rugged Devices – Top Tips From Real Life Customers

Any electronic device, even rugged devices don’t like the cold, to end our series on cold advice for rugged devices, we share some eclectic tips that our customers use.

Are your smartphones failing in the cold

Smartphones Failing In The Cold Weather? – Our Top Tips To Help

The cold is often overlooked by businesses. Are your smartphones failing when the weather gets cold and wet? This article looks at real life reasons and solutions where businesses have solved their cold weather problems with rugged smartphones.

The Challenges of Using Rugged Devices In The Cold

Using rugged devices in the cold brings a unique set of challenges but with our help and advice, we can hopefully get you through those winter months.

Raptor C5 heated rapidly - You can see the ice melting and no condensation form,s

Why We Drop Test Across Temperatures

The MIL-STD drop test you see on the spec sheet of a rugged device is often not telling you the whole story. This article explains why it;s important to drop test across different temperature ranges to form a drop test that you can depend on.

What to do when your mobile phone is locked

What To Do When Your Rugged Phone Locks Up

You’re trying to use your rugged phone, but nothing happens. It looks frozen but you don’t know what to do. This blog post will tell you what steps you should take when you’re faced with this problem, from removing the battery to a hard reset.

Levels of battery

10 Tips to Extend Your Rugged Mobile Battery Life

Battery life is an important factor to look for when choosing a rugged smartphone. This post will give you tips on how to extend your rugged mobile battery.

Raptor devices

The 5 Most Important Features in a Rugged Smartphone

You’re looking into buying a rugged smartphone device but you’re not sure what to look for. This post will focus on the top 5 features you should look for.

Cheap android phones are stealing your data

Cheap Android Phones are Stealing Your Data!

Cheap Android phones are good for your budget but they can become a problem for your business. This post will explain how cheap brands are stealing the data from your phones.

Enterprise rugged devices

Top Things Businesses Look For When Buying an Enterprise Rugged Device

You are looking for a new enterprise rugged device solution for your business but you’re not sure what to look for. This post will help you understand the things you should consider.