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6000mAh raptor r5 batteriesies

Storing Smartphone Batteries

Smartphone batteries, even ones in rugged devices need some special care if they are to be stored for any length of time. Here’s some simple steps to take that will make sure your smartphone batteries are kept in great working order after a period of not being used.

Raptor C5 rugged device testing - freeze testing

Rugged device testing – the truth!

Rugged device testing often isn’t all that it seems. You see all the right terms on the spec sheet, like MIL-STD and IP68, but is the rugged device you want to buy really rugged? We expose a few truths of the ruggedness market and tell you how to get round them.

BYOD goes wrong

The Problem With Bringing Your Own Device to Work

On our third blog about Bring your own device or BYOD, we’re focussing on the negatives of this new trend to your business and your workers, but also what are the things you should consider before moving on and adopting BYOD.

Rugged Mobile Price increases

Is your Rugged Mobile Device Supplier Increasing Prices?

We love to rant, rave and opinion here at Raptor. Heck, why would you want to read another boring blog about ruggedness!! So I just wanted to say this. It’s January, the USD rate is

Christmassy Larry in the snow

Happy Christmas from the Raptor hub team!

What a year! 2017 has probably been a challenge for all of us… These are challenging times. For us though, 2017 has been mostly about change and finding our new path.  The change from Rugged

TCO graph

The Real ROI From Rugged Mobile Devices

Every Friday, we like to “poke the bear”, meaning that we take a subject and we try to work out the truth. And this week I think the Ruggedness ROI table needs a fresh look!

Raptor devices

From Rugged to Hybrid, the story continues!

Technology changes so quickly these days, especially in the mobile world, so we decided to change with it! As the MD of Raptor, I wanted to share with you a little bit about why and how we changed too as we now refocus and move what we do into a new and exciting phase.

Android Security

How to Secure Your Rugged Android Device

Securing your rugged Android device has become more important than ever. As mobile becomes ubiquitous in our everyday lives, the hackers focus their attention on what will disrupt the most. This post will give you the top tips to make your phone more secure.