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How to set-up, configure and use Android and Windows based devices, our how-tos are aimed at helping the layman use of rugged mobile devices.

Raptor R5 in WInter

Keeping Your Rugged Devices Safe Over Christmas

This year we’re expecting to see some seriously low temperatures as the winter starts to bite and the snow falls across the UK! Over Christmas, your business might not use its rugged mobile devices and

barcode types

Barcode Types: Choosing The Right One for Your Business

Finding the best barcoding solution for your business might become a challenge. This post will tell you all you need to know about barcode types and which one best fits your business.

Rugged smartphone screen broken

How to Stop Your Rugged Smartphone Screen From Breaking

There’s a lot you can do to stop your device from being damaged in its daily use, especially when it comes to things like your rugged smartphone screen.