Month: January 2018

BYOD goes wrong

The Problem With Bringing Your Own Device to Work

On our third blog about Bring your own device or BYOD, we’re focussing on the negatives of this new trend to your business and your workers, but also what are the things you should consider before moving on and adopting BYOD.

Keep calm and BYOD

Remote Working Trends in 2018

As new technology is entering the workplace, Bring your own device or “BYOD” is making a huge impact on remote working. In this blog, we look into it and discuss what is driving BYOD.

Rugged Mobile Price increases

Is your Rugged Mobile Device Supplier Increasing Prices?

We love to rant, rave and opinion here at Raptor. Heck, why would you want to read another boring blog about ruggedness!! So I just wanted to say this. It’s January, the USD rate is

Larry BYOD bag

Did You Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)?

We’ve been hearing a lot about this new trend of Bringing Your Own Device, or BYOD, recently. But what is BYOD and what are the implications for your business? In this blog, we cover the basics of this new trend and introduce a few pros and cons of using BYOD for business.

IP68 consumer phones

Why IP68 Consumer Smartphones Aren’t Really Rugged

Consumer smartphone brands are now rating their waterproof phones IP68. But is it really the case? This week, Dave explains why IP68 consumer smartphones aren’t really rugged.

Rugged Mobile Predictions Larry

Rugged Mobile Predictions for 2018

Every year we do a rugged mobile predictions blog with what we think it’s going to happen in the rugged and technology market, and here’s the ones for 2018.