10 Common Myths About Android We Hear All the Time

We still hear a lot of myths about Android nowadays, even though Android’s popularity is at its highest. These are the myths you shouldn’t believe.

10 Tips to Extend Your Rugged Mobile Battery Life

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The 5 Most Important Features in a Rugged Smartphone

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Android Permissions

Android Apps Can Track Your Location Without Android Permissions

We all know apps can track our location, as long as the Android permissions are turned on. Meaning our data is protected. Android is great, but I recently read a really great piece of work that just reminded

Cheap rugged smartphones are stealing your data

Cheap Android Phones are Stealing Your Data!

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Enterprise rugged devices

Top Things Businesses Look For When Buying an Enterprise Rugged Device

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Rugged smartphone screen broken

How to Stop Your Rugged Smartphone Screen From Breaking

There’s a lot you can do to stop your device from being damaged in its daily use, especially when it comes to things like your rugged smartphone screen.

How to Secure Your Rugged Android Device

Securing your rugged Android device has become more important than ever. As mobile becomes ubiquitous in our everyday lives, the hackers focus their attention on what will disrupt the most. This post will give you the top tips to make your phone more secure.

Understanding Your Rugged Smartphone Battery

Batteries can be quite complex to understand so we have decided to answer to all of your questions regarding rugged smartphone batteries and its usage, charge and also how you can improve your device’s battery life.

Buying Cheap Rugged Smartphones: All You Need to Know

Rugged devices are expensive but buying a cheap one is not the right option. So what should you look for to avoid buying cheap rugged smartphones?